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Monocular vs Binocular Testing  


Bob Arnold
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28/05/2019 8:59 pm  

The autostereoscopic screen on the Nintendo 3DS presents an entirely different set of pixels to the right eye and the left eye.  As a result, stereo vision can be tested without the aid of 3D Polaroid or red-green glasses.  It also allows the ability to test only one eye.  PDI Check has future versions that present monocular acuity screening using a concept called "rivalry" where one eye sees one Landholt C image as "C" while the other eye views a rotated optotype as "U."

Being careful to not produce eye strain and headache- with hours of game use- Nintendo has certain rules for games one of which is to avoid "rivalry."  As a result, the Quick Screening version of PDI Check screens visual acuity with both eyes.  Monocular acuity can be simply determined by closing or covering the non-tested eye.